When to Start Adult Orthodontic TreatmentWhether you’ve been putting it off for years because you don’t look forward to the procedure or are excited to finally have your teeth aligned, there likely will come a time when you need to see an orthodontist. Modern science has brought new techniques to the table which may make orthodontic treatment more pleasant than ever before, but the important thing to remember is that when you are finished you will look and feel better than ever before. There are a few reasons which may indicate it is time to make an appointment with Orthodontics by Birth, Stewart & Fletcher.

Prevention and Immediacy Of Adult Orthodontics

Like any other aspect of the health field, prevention is always the goal. If your teeth are out of alignment, they are never going to fix themselves or become straight on their own. Just because they are out of alignment doesn’t necessarily mean you need any treatment, that’s something our doctors need to determine, using a variety of techniques to predict what potential problems may occur or whether the teeth are otherwise healthy. Although “now” might not seem like a convenient time for orthodontic work, having problems corrected immediately is always going to be more comfortable than postponing the procedure until there are additional problems to be corrected.

Dentist Recommendation

You may have become accustomed to whatever issues your teeth hold and not be aware of a potential problem. In such a case, your dentist will likely notice something wrong and refer you to an orthodontist. The specialist may determine there is nothing wrong, or they might suggest a preventative course of action. The bottom line is, your dentist is your friend and if they recommend a specialist take them at their word and trust there is a reason they want a more in-depth evaluation of your teeth than they can provide.

Cosmetic Versus Medical Issues

Although in some cases you may decide to use braces to straighten teeth for sheer cosmetic reasons, there is usually an underlying medical issue concerning the basic structure and integrity of your teeth which leads to the cosmetic issues. In other situations, your teeth may appear perfectly healthy in spite of an underlying problem. In each of these situations, our doctors will prescribe a specific treatment designed to make you look and feel better. It isn’t a rare case for someone to have become so accustomed to a malformed tooth they don’t realize it’s a problem until after the problem is corrected and they realize it feels better than it ever did throughout their adult life.

If you realize there might be a problem with your teeth, whether because you are suffering discomfort or your regular dentist sees a potential problem, consult with our doctors. In the best situation, our doctors may determine there is no cause for alarm and you can rest easy knowing your teeth are fine. The worst that can happen is the orthodontist repairs your teeth before they cause the kinds of problems which interrupt your daily life and career. Contact Orthodontics by Birth, Stewart & Fletcher today to schedule a consultation!