Orthodontist in Burleson, TXOrthodontics by Birth and Fletcher is a treatment facility that offers a variety of dental treatment options in Burleson, Texas. The number of people seeking treatment of irregularities in the teeth and jaws is on the rise. Today, a good number of people in Burleson know the importance of having beautiful and healthy smiles. The residents also appreciate the role that aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry can help in helping them achieve better dental health and a more pleasing appearance. At our orthodontic practice, we make use of the latest techniques and modern equipment to provide quality services.

The Demographics

Burleson, Texas has a population of a little over 40,000 in roughly 14,000 households. You will also find people of all ages living in the city. This has increased the demand for orthodontic treatment for all the residents, regardless of their age, gender and cultural background. Our treatment facility is keen on making sure that every single person residing in the city has access to a qualified orthodontist.

About Orthodontics In The Burleson, TX

There are several causes of orthodontic problems for which patients may seek professional treatment. The residents of Burleson are exposed to conditions that could affect the structure of their teeth, jaws and smiles. A professional orthodontist in Burleson, TX can help in identifying any dental problems. This will be followed by taking the necessary medical interventions to correct the condition. The result will be improved oral health, stronger teeth, improved appearance and a beautiful smile. Orthodontics by Birth and Fletcher has qualified and experienced orthodontists to handle the various irregularities that patients may have.

Household Incomes

As much as the median household income in Burleson stands at around $ 50,000, 6% of the total population lives below the poverty line. Those who live in poverty are at a high risk of developing orthodontic problems due to poor oral hygiene. This could result in teeth and jaws being misaligned, a factor that will affect the functions of teeth and the appearance of the individual. This is especially true of younger children with developing teeth and jaws. Our orthodontic practice was established to help these residents of Burleson by correcting irregularities and controlling their jaw development.

Our Products and Services

Orthodontics by Birth and Fletcher offers a wide range of treatment options for patients with different conditions. Depending on the condition of the patient, we will offer comfortable orthodontics, early orthodontic treatment, space maintainers, palatal expanders, braces, adult orthodontic treatments, digital impressions among others. Once a patient has been examined by an orthodontist, the expert will determine the best treatment to use for the patient.

Since our orthodontic practice was established, we have been committed to understanding the needs of our patients. This has made it possible for us to structure our services in line with these options. We have also been able to understand the common factors that lead to orthodontic problems.

When you are looking for a qualified and experienced orthodontist in Burleson, TX, you should look no further than Orthodontics by Birth and Fletcher. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


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