Everybody loves having straight teeth and a beautiful smile. It’s how we present ourselves to the world, but more than for social reasons, straight teeth and an aligned jaw are especially important for the overall health of your mouth. Our goal at Orthodontics by Birth & Fletcher is to assure optimum health for our patients by correcting the placement of teeth and offering the only non-surgical approach to correcting misaligned jaws. Our Orthodontists are specialists in their field –2019 Diamond+ Invisalign Providers, our own Dr. Sheila Birth is a best-selling author on the practice of Orthodontic care and lectures on TMJ/TMD care. Whether you have a child that could benefit from braces or you’re finally ready to undergo treatment yourself, we can help. We offer the finest orthodontic solutions available in the metroplex and are ready to consult with you right away!

How Do Orthodontics Work?

While Orthodontics have been around for many years, the methods of treatment have seen tremendous technological advances and as the specialty has matured, board-certification has led to constantly improving techniques that speed up treatment time and provide the very best results. Many excellent Orthodontists are board certified (only 1 in 3 are certified in this manner) and we are proud that Dr. Birth and Dr. Fletcher are both board certified.

So, how does orthodontics work? Generally, orthodontics gradually move teeth and even reshape the jaw (non-surgical) to correct malocclusions or misaligned teeth. With the use of braces or Invisalign® clear aligners, we create a gentle force that over time moves the teeth into proper alignment. Whether you live in Fort Worth, Keller, Burleson or Arlington, our Orthodontists can give you the beautiful smile you have always wanted all while correcting your bite and improving your mouth’s overall health!

What Kind of Bite Problems Can Orthodontic Treatment Correct?

A lot of our patients come to us because they’ve starting noticing some bite problems. Usually around age seven we start to get our first patients. Truly, the sooner the better as left untreated minor bite problems could cause significant problems later in life. Some can even be life threatening! Some of the most common bite problems include these:

  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Crowding
  • Crossbite
  • Excessive spacing

To correct these issues so that they don’t become serious problems later, the teeth must be moved into their correct position within the mouth. Braces, appliances and aligners allow our Orthodontists to achieve that proper alignment as the teeth are not securely set in the bone. Nobody wants a crooked, crowded or misaligned smile. Trust one of our specialists with yours!

At What Age Can You Receive Orthodontic Treatment?

Most agree that age seven is a good target for an orthodontic evaluation. Typically the child is in the midst of a growth process. Starting earlier allows your orthodontist to take advantage of this process by moving teeth and creating more space in the mouth in less time that it may take to do so in an older patient. We can also change skeletal structure at this age that helps prevent extractions of permanent teeth, widens palatal arches and improves airway and breathing. Improving airways also improves sleep in these younger children. In fact, Harvard Medical School has studies that show that narrow airways and poor breathing can lead to ADHD and ADD.

However, orthodontics is not reserved for the young. Adults are enjoying the great results as well and for this reason Adult Orthodontic Treatment is becoming increasingly common these days! Recently doctors and orthodontists have found a direct connection between teeth alignment and health problems that affect adults such as sleep apnea, TMJ/D, Tinnitus, Persistent Headaches and/or Migraines. Many adults find that seeking treatment is not only possible with an Orthodontist but preferable to other medical methods to solve these issues. Lots of our patients are also realizing a long standing goal to have improved smiles too! Orthodontics is for EVERYONE!

What Are the Types of Orthodontic Treatment?

At Orthodontics by Birth & Fletcher we are able to offer several different treatment options to fit the specific needs of our patients. In addition to traditional metal braces our options include:

  • Invisalign®
  • Invisalign Teen®
  • Palatal Expanders
  • Clear Ceramic Braces
  • Appliances
  • And More!

Everybody is unique and has different needs when it comes to their treatment plan. A thorough examination is needed to determine what’s best for you.

How Do You Maintain Your Smile?

Aligning your teeth and keeping them aligned is a team effort. Our orthodontist moves the teeth and brings your bite into alignment. After completing the orthodontic treatment, your teeth can still move back to their original positions if not maintained properly. So, once we’ve moved your teeth, we’ll ask you to do your part and wear a retainer every night that we’ll make especially for you. Wearing the retainer holds your teeth in their corrected position long enough to allow for new bone and ligament to re-form around them. It’s important to keep your smile looking great for a lifetime so wear your retainer every night. It really is very easy.

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