Smile Faster!

Do you want to improve the look of your smile, but don’t want to spend years in braces? Now with a little extra effort on your part and an amazing piece of technology… You can! With AcceleDent®, you can speed your tooth movement by up to 50%! AcceleDent® patients have reported reduced discomfort with their orthodontics too. By using this fast, safe, and easy-to-use hands-free device, you’ll be finished with your orthodontic treatment and achieve your desired smile faster!

What Is AcceleDent®?

AcceleDent is a Class II FDA approved device with SoftPulse® technology to accelerate tooth movement by up to 50%. It’s the first orthodontic device of its kind to offer accelerated orthodontic treatment, while decreasing discomfort, in a noninvasive, nonsurgical way.

Why Use AcceleDent®?

AcceleDent® provides a safe approach for accelerating tooth movement and enhances a patient’s treatment. Is the force safe for your teeth? Yes, In fact, the force applied to teeth during ordinary chewing is at least 200x greater than the force applied with AcceleDent®. In just 20 minutes a day, AcceleDent® can expedite tooth movement by up to 50%. This means straighter teeth, faster!

How Does AcceleDent® Work?

By inserting the mouthpiece fitted around your existing orthodontics for just 20 minutes a day, AcceleDent® speeds tooth movement through the use of patented SoftPulse Technology. Faster tooth movement decreases the duration of your orthodontic treatment and may help to make your experience more comfortable. Part of the way that orthodontics works is by changing or remodeling the bones surrounding your teeth. As this remodeling process is accelerated, your teeth move more quickly. AcceleDent® gentle micropulses speed bone remodeling, accelerating tooth movement.

Ask your orthodontist if AcceleDent® is right for you and how it can help speed your path to a beautiful new smile!

What Are AcceleDent® Patients Saying?

“I got my braces off almost a year before they were supposed to because of AcceleDent®” – Dylan L., Patient

“I have use AcceleDent® every day during my orthodontic treatment, and I love it!” – Jennifer K., Patient

“AcceleDent® has cut my treatment time in half.” – Caitlyn F.,Patient

“AcceleDent® is my best friend on adjustment day!” – Sonyah M., Patient

“Not only have my teeth moved very quickly, but using AcceleDent® has greatly reduced the discomfort that I feel while wearing braces.” – Barbara K., Patient

“I’m getting amazing results with AcceleDent®!” – Scott M., Patient

“I strongly recommend AcceleDent® for anyone who wants to reduce their treatment time, and it’s so easy to use!” – Jean B.,Patient

“I found it easy to include the 20 minute routine into my day and am extremely happy with the results.” – Alex, Patient