How are Metal and Ceramic Braces Different

How are Metal and Ceramic Braces Different?

Getting braces is a major orthodontic procedure. For many, they are necessary in order to straighten their teeth and make for a great smile. However, it can be a challenge to decide what type of braces to get––metal braces or ceramic braces. While both serve the same purpose and have the same goal, there are […]

Guide To Flossing And Maintaining Oral Hygiene With Braces

Guide To Flossing And Maintaining Oral Hygiene With Braces

Most people are aware of the importance of oral hygiene. Maintaining careful and consistent oral hygiene becomes absolutely necessary when a person has braces. Inadequate brushing and flossing may cause white and yellow spots to develop on the teeth. This discoloration may negatively affect the overall appearance of one’s smile, which counteracts the braces’ ability […]

Foods to Eat After Getting Braces Tightened

Foods to Eat After Getting Braces Tightened

Those who have braces are aware of the importance of getting them tightened. It keeps teeth moving in the right direction towards a straight smile. However, most know if you are getting your braces tightened, it is likely that you will face discomfort in the next few days. You may also face difficulty in chewing […]

How Can Widely Spaced Teeth Impact Your Overall Health

How Can Widely Spaced Teeth Impact Your Overall Health

Most people visit the orthodontist or dentist to get rid of the gap and achieve a perfect smile. But what they might not realize, is that widely spaced teeth impact your physical health as well. Yes, self-confidence and self-esteem issues can be a problem associated with widely spaced teeth but they can also negatively impact […]

Do All Your Baby Teeth Need To Fall Out Before You Get Braces

Do All Your Baby Teeth Need To Fall Out Before You Get Braces?

Who doesn’t love to smile and show off their perfectly white and aligned teeth? Perfectly aligned teeth are sometimes a very important aspect in beautifying a person and developing their self-confidence over the years, especially, if the person is a developing youth. However, not everyone is born with a clean and aligned set of teeth […]

How to Take Care of Your Retainer

How to Take Care of Your Retainer

Your orthodontic care does not end when the aligners are removed. Your retainer is essential to stabilize your new tooth arrangement. The braces or aligners force the teeth to return to the mouth, which involves the absorption of bones at the back of the oral cavity. To maintain your new look, you must use the […]

Are Braces Right for Me

Are Braces Right for Me?

About three out of four people could benefit from braces, but not everyone opts for this corrective dental intervention. This is unfortunate since the benefits of braces can be dramatic and last a lifetime. Every person’s mouth and every set of teeth are different. So it stands to reason that sometimes, a person’s teeth don’t […]


Tops in Tarrant

We are excited to announce that Orthodontics by Birth, Stewart & Fletcher was voted one of the Tops in Tarrant in Society Life Magazine for 2018! On behalf of our entire staff, we want to thank you for your vote. Are you looking for high-quality, comprehensive orthodontic care in the Fort Worth, Arlington, Keller or […]


When to Start Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Whether you’ve been putting it off for years because you don’t look forward to the procedure or are excited to finally have your teeth aligned, there likely will come a time when you need to see an orthodontist. Modern science has brought new techniques to the table which may make orthodontic treatment more pleasant than […]


Braces and Brilliant Smiles

When you mention braces, most people think of perfectly straight teeth, but there is so much more to orthodontia than just the aesthetics. For many, enduring metal brackets was a necessary part of growing up. Luckily, advances in dental technology have given us clear aligner therapy, and even tooth-colored ceramic brackets, as alternatives to shiny […]


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