Your Family Orthodontists

At Orthodontics by Birth & Fletcher, our mission is to help every patient achieve the smile of their dreams. Our doctors and expert team of orthodontic specialists take the time to treat patients as individuals, getting to know them personally and designing specialized treatment plans to perfectly suit their unique orthodontic needs. At our office, you are our number one priority from your very first visit!

Your Initial Orthodontic Appointment

We hope you’re as excited as we are for your first visit with us! It’s an exciting time, and it’s a chance for us to get acquainted, to take stock of your current orthodontic health, and to explore the treatment options that might be right for you.

For your first visit, we ask that you plan to spend at least an hour and a half in the office – while we may not use all of that time, this ensures that there’s no rush and that we have ample time to answer all of your questions. When you first walk in, you’ll meet with one of our receptionists or patient coordinators and go through some initial paperwork which will get you into our system. Once you’re through with that, we’ll start with diagnostic work and your exam.

Measuring for Success

The main goal of your first visit is to develop a comprehensive understanding of your orthodontic health. We’ll check for any current problems or anything that might become a problem down the line, then we’ll determine how best to approach and treat these issues.

We’ll start by taking photographs and x-rays, allowing us to fully understand both the alignment of the teeth and what’s happening under the gums – the positioning and orientation of your teeth, jaws, bones, and joints, as well as any teeth that may still be below the gum line.

The Initial Exam

Next, we’ll perform a careful, thorough examination of your teeth, jaws, mouth, and bite. This will be a lot of looking around your mouth, checking for noise when you open and close your jaws, and asking if you’re encountering any problems when you chew, swallow, or perform other everyday functions. We’ll use the information we gather here to make a diagnosis and decide on the best treatment option.

Planning for a Beautiful Smile

Consider this your chance to ask any and every question you want. We put a lot of value on helping our patients understand their treatments, so we’ll give you ample time to ask and discuss anything you don’t understand or are curious about. We’ll go over all your potential treatment alternatives, how your orthodontics will work, and other major topics like:

  • How will orthodontics help?
  • What procedures would be best?
  • Should we start treatment now or wait?
  • Will we need to extract teeth?
  • What will it cost? What are my financial options?
  • How long will it take?

Contact Your Local Braces & Invisalign Experts

Overall, your first visit will be the beginning step in your journey towards a gorgeous new smile that’ll last you a lifetime. So what are you waiting for? Feel free to call us, reach out to us at our contact page, or use our easy online form to schedule an appointment at any one of our four offices. We can’t wait to hear from you, and we look forward to starting you on the path towards a beautiful, healthy smile!